An official says Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) soldiers have carried out an anti-terror operation in the capital following reports of a would-be car bomb  attack by Al shabaab.

NISA officers have searched a garage belonging to a former powerful Somali warlord Musse Suudi Yallahow in Mogadishu’s Wadajir district after a tip-off about a suspected car packed with explosives.

African Union forces serving with AMISOM have also conducted similar searches in the suspected Garage on Wednesday night. There were no reports about the findings of the two operations.

NISA has confiscated a garage in Black sea area after a deadly suicide car bomb at a busy marker in Mogadishu’s Waberi district that left over 20 people, most of them civilians dead, while scores hurt.

Soo Dhiibo Fikirkaada, Waa Inoo Muhiim

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