The Al Qaeda-linked Al shabaab militants in southern Somalia have on Tuesday publicly executed 3 men convicted of homosexuality and spying for Ethiopian Intelligence services.

Al Shabaab court in Buale town in middle Jubba region has sentenced the three men to death penalty, including two accused of Homosexuality, while the 3rd was found guilty of spying.

Al Shabaab identified the three men as Isak Abshirow, Abdirizak Sheikh Ali, and Sa’id Mohamed Ali and they had been shot dead a firing squad in Bu’ale town on Tuesday.

Sa’id Mohamed Ali was found guilty of spying for Ethiopian troops while Isak Abshirow and Abdirizak Sheikh Ali were accused of committing homosexuality, according to Al shabaab.

Soo Dhiibo Fikirkaada, Waa Inoo Muhiim

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