Today is President Farmajo’s 100th day in office since his election  and it coincides with the formation of Horusocod which means “progress” by Federal MPs in Nairobi three days ago.

The creating of Horusocod has dominated on the social media, by dividing Somalis in their ideas about the MPs’ intention to table motion against the newly appointed government led by PM Hassan Ali Khaire.

The Public opinion towards Horusocod;

1 – It’s wrong the formation of Horusocod, and it should be prevented, stopped  and pointed it to be treason, pro-claimers of the  government, foreign intervention and … etc.

2 – It’s right to be established the Horusocod alliance and there is a need the government to be accountable and the MPs have the right to do this work since they are the representatives of the public.

3 – There is a need to create such alliances of the MPs, but the place where Horusocod was declared has not been appropriate and there might be foreign actors behind the motive of this move.

4 – The government is in office for only three months, and its accountability could be just in 6 months or a year, so that the lawmakers’ purpose to file motion against it is unconstitutional and unjust.

Farmajo’s First 100 Days in Office;

1 – The appointment of cabinet, army commanders, Benadir region governor, seaport, airport, revenue administrators, President’s office staff members and as well as PM.

2 – Meeting tables, working hours starting from 8:00 am  up-to 4:00 pm. Employees who failed to fulfill the new regulations or found guilty of corruption had been dismissed.

3 – The consultative meeting between central government and federal states, who agreed the formation of national security council, and the the attendance of the London meeting.

4 – President’s foreign trips from Saudi Arabia to London, the the domestic visit to Baidoa. The PM’s travel to Doha, Qatar and representation of Somalia in the high-level meeting.

5 – The beginning of reconciliation in Galmudug, namely the talks between Ahlu Sunna and state leaders. The election of a new President in Adado early this month.

6 – The combat against corruption, and promise to dismiss every public servant found guilty of embezzlement from the government office.

7 – The setting up of a plan to fix the errors in security.

Written by: Dr. Mohamed Gaal

Soo Dhiibo Fikirkaada, Waa Inoo Muhiim

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