Ex MPs: We will not allow the spoilers to ruin the SFG


Several politicians and Ex lawmakers have condemned the movement of the new opposition MPs called themselves “Madasha Horusocod”,  who want to outs the government.

Dahir Irro, a Former legislator has called for an action to prevent the threat of the political forum formed by the MPs in Nairobi, Kenya last week from creating new turmoil in Somalia.

For his part, Hassan Kenya, who is also an Ex legislator said the MPs united in “Progressive Forum”  for their own interests, to get economic and positions in the Federal government.

“The Horusocod alliance are spoilers, seeking to destabilize the country and create political chaos against the new government,” he added.

Finally, a fourth ex MP Mohamed Iidle Geedi called for a review in the Constitution to stop the country’s lawmakers from the frequent opposition against the government.

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