The minister of internal security Mohamed Abukar has announced that the Federal government of Somalia will reopen small roads in Mogadishu that were recently blocked by the stabilization forces.

The minister urged the pubic to be patient and work with security forces, to restore peace and stability in the capital that has been beset by car bomb attacks and rampant assassinations from Al shabaab.

The joint security forces began conduction routine massive operations dubbed “Mogadishu stabilization mission” in the city early this month, in a bid to thwart Al shabaab’s Ramadan attacks.

Some of  Mogadishu’s residents who spoke to Radio Shabelle said the security operations hampered people and slowed down the businesses.

There has been a decline in the car bombs since the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadan, but organized killings were reported in the capital for the past few weeks.

Soo Dhiibo Fikirkaada, Waa Inoo Muhiim

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