The adminstration of Lower Shabelle region has called for an immediate end to the ongoing Inter-clan fighting in an area near Afgoye district.

Ibrahim Aden Najah, the governor of Lower Shabelle region asked the warring clan militiamen in Bula-Yarey village, near Afgoye to end the bloodshed though dailogue.

He added that his adminstration will mediate the rival clans, and organise peace talks to solve the dispute over ownership of a farming land in the outskirts of Afgoye town.

“We call on both sides in the conflict to halt the gun battle, and start an swift talks to end their differences that caused the ongoing skirmish,” said the governor.

The clan combat which has erupted Sunday in the area, has left at least five people dead, while many more others wounded, according to the local sources.

Soo Dhiibo Fikirkaada, Waa Inoo Muhiim

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